Everything You'd Ever Need to Know Before Buying Custom Wall Decals

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Also known as tapestries, stickers, wallies and appliqués, wall decals are typically made from laminates and vinyl matte. These artistic decorations are carefully applied to walls as ornaments that dramatically transform the ambiance and interior decor of a room much like wallpapers and paint. Wall decals are currently the quickest and most affordable way of brilliantly reinventing a room even on a shoestring budget.

The need for wall art and wall graphics continually increases especially in the current fast-paced environment where finances are a major headache. They come in handy when you desire home makeovers but lack the time and finances to take on a house remodeling project. Custom wall decals are especially advantageous as they give you the opportunity to transform your abode into something that represents personal tastes, personality, style and outlook at a fraction of the cost it would take to do a professional remodel.

A Detailed look at Types of Wall Decals

There are a variety of types ranging from simple wall border to cut outs and more complex murals that can sufficiently cover an entire wall. While some feature pictures, others may contain words and other unique designs. Wall decals are characterized based on the materials used to make them and their designs.

  • Wall decals made from vinyl come in different shapes and sizes and most are not re-usable, thanks to improvement in wall graphics; there are currently reusable vinyl types available for frugal decorators who are looking for a long-term decor solution
  • Most traditional wall tapestries are made using PVC plastic and cut from a single color using a laser cutter or a vinyl cutter
  • Custom wall decals allow printing a full-color image onto vinyl and then contour cut around the printed image. This creates room for the addition of different finishes such as metallic effect, glitter and the mirror effect
  • Laminate made wall decals are reusable making them great for an amateur who is vulnerable to a variety of decorating errors
  • Wall murals, on the other hand, are a bigger version of wall decals which cover entire walls; these adhere to the surface with the help of strong adhesive plates similar to those used in the application of wallpaper. Wall decals come in a variety of designs, sizes, colors and patterns

Custom wall decals will entirely depend on personal style and the theme you prefer. The possibilities are endless when it comes to design ranging from cartoon characters, sports themes, geometric patterns and even nature related themes.

Why choose wall custom wall decals over wallpaper?
Wallpapers not only limit creative freedom but also crack and peel when the humidity is high. Additionally, most decals are also peel-offs that are painlessly affixed to any smooth surface such as concrete wall, ceramic, glass, and tile. There are currently smoke and water resistant decals that last for years even in vulnerable home areas such as kitchens and bathroom spaces.

Why are custom wall decals a great choice for interior design and decoration?

  • Vinyl made wall decals are durable even in tough weather conditions such as high temperatures and elevated humidity levels · Vinyl wall appliqués are also very flexible and this has made them transcend the most popular decorating options. Check out our top 10 wall decal design gallery
  • The versatility of wall stickers allows for unique designing to cater for different styles. This enables manufacturers to offer personalized and customized digital designs specifically tailored to meet personal taste. These wall graphics help add depth, visual interest and flair to a barren and drab wall
  • Easy mounting and effortless removal makes wall decals perfect and useful in decorating rental spaces or dormitories where property owners prohibit painting. These wall decorations offer tenants a great way to decorate according to personal preference
  • Are a great replacement for custom lighted boards and pricey wood in corporate establishments. Event organizers are also choosing wall decals as backdrops to help add a little pizazz to a social gathering
  • Wall decals are great way to decorate cramped spaces because they come in handy in adding the illusion of depth and space. With these amazing wall art designs, anyone can remodel their home into an elegant and sophisticated space

How to choose the right wall decal; here are a few simple but extremely helpful tips that will help you choose the best wall decals.
Whether you are a professional or a homeowner, it is advisable to be informed before jumping onto the bandwagon and wasting both your time and money. These tips include simple know-how’s that will help your transform your simple DIY project into a successful undertaking;

  1. Ensure you have a clear design objective in mind Since the objective is to create a cohesive look and feel for the space you are decorating, have a clear idea of what your design goals are. The wall at the end of the day needs to complement other elements of the room such as the furniture and appliances. Start by establishing a central theme and style then work from there.
  2. Proceed obtaining accurate measurements for the wall. Measuring the wall space you want to cover or decorate is indispensable; there is nothing as frustrating as receiving an amazing mural design that does not fit properly.
  3. Be certain where the major pieces go When decorating using wall appliqués, it is important to be sure what goes where because although most wall decals are reusable and removable, they tend to use adhesive qualities when removed and applied more than once.
  4. Safety is a very important consideration Go for wall tapestries that are non-toxic to protect kids from exposure to unsafe indigestible materials. No matter how unique, cute and affordable the wall decal is, toxic walls are not a worthwhile investment, they are instead a health hazard.

How are wall decals removed and do they take off paint?
Removing wall decals is pretty easy, all you have to do gently peel them off using your fingernails. However, it will depend on the condition of the wall surface; if the condition of the wall was bad to start with then expect some chipping to occur. It is advisable to prepare for some paint touch up after removing wall appliqués. The trick is to take your time and consider using a blow dryer to warm the decal so that the adhesive can loosen and peel easily.

Is it possible to apply wall decals to freshly painted walls?
If you have just painted your wall then you need at least two weeks before applying wall decals. These wall decorations do not work on freshly painted walls because of the type of adhesive.